The Artist Method

Our success is based on a variety of things that we wouldn't even consider

I am an what?

· Are you a graduate of a creative degree programme, but haven't been able to gain employment within your field?
· Do you have a creative practice, but you are currently being paid in "likes"?
· Have you always wanted to start your own creative practice, but afraid you cannot make a living from it?
· Are you employed, but you would like to create an independent business?
· Are you persevering, pushing forward, but you feel that you are not in "the right place or the right time"?
· You are a creative entrepreneur, but your business have just plateaud?
· Do you keep hearing "there's no money in art"?
· You currently have a job, but "just until you start making a living from your true passion"?
· Have you applied for all the jobs/grants/internships, but keep getting rejected?

· Are you living from payday to payday?
· Does your self esteem starting to take a hit?
· Do you feel unmotivated?
· Have you completely stopped being creative?
· Is your situation affecting your relationships?
· Do you feel like that you cannot make a change in your life?
· Do you keep starting projects, but cannot see them through?
· Are you even “checking out” (shopping, social media, bad habits) to block these out of your mind?

21 days to make a change

“To change your world, whilst you remain the same - that is not possible.”
Michael Beckwith

The solutions for the above questions reside in a different, higher vibrational realm,
not the one they originated in. In today's society, things that are viewed as contributing factors towards one's success are: how hard you work, or how "talented" you are.
However, the artist's whole being is paramount!
Before moving onto producing creative work, there are key components that the
artist needs to be working on in the INSIDE.

This is an active and interactive course.
The 21-day of transformation includes videos and various homework tasks to aid you to move towards your goals. You can manage your participation in your own time and complete the tasks at your own pace.
The tempo is entirely up to you!
The course is delivered in a dedicated Private Telegram Group.
By starting together and finishing together mean that the group's energy will also assist you.
You can also part-take in sharing your experiences on Telegram to your peers, this way we can continue to build a community of likeminded creatives.

Why choose me as your guide?

When I was going through my Saturn return at age 28, I had to heal myself from a debilitating anxiety disorder that presented itself to me out of the blue, as a possibility for up-levelling. When I realised that nobody is going to ride in on a white horse and "save me", a then scary, however exciting journey had started.

Since then, but especially in the past 6 years, I have tirelessly searched and researched countless techniques that aid self-discovery, heal traumas and remove possible blockages. This way I can present you a variety of quickly palatable techniques in a short period of time, that can lead you to ascend onto a higher plane. Deep cleansing and healing will take place and this will aid you to look at your own being, habits and ways of thinking and how those can influence everything in your life - from issues regarding your art practice to your relationship with money and so much more.

First, I developed my ideas for Glamour magazine in the beginning of 2022, titled "The Abundance Course" - and online interactive programme that had focused on self improvement. Later on, some specific ideas matured and this grew into a face to face "Manifestation Workshop".

Here's what previous participants say

"The Course was not only complex and extensive, but it really started processes in me. A good, "I'm fine, I'm okay" feeling what I needed. In addition to tidying up, we also received Mon’s positive, supportive energies through the materials, which gave me a lot. I would turn to her with courage and confidence in the future if I got stuck."

- Kata

"I got to know myself better, I could understand why the times are sometimes harder. I received advice that can be applied on an everyday basis. Thank you."

- Eszter

"Thanks for such a great Experience. Really felt great Energy and Acceptance."

- Phoenix

"It was a smashing workshop...I would be interested in knowing about any future events that you hold."

- Maddie

This course isn't for you

· If you are not willing to embark on some spiritual housekeeping
· If you don't keep an open mind
· If you don't value new information as an asset
· If you want to sit back and wait for change to knock on the door
· If your life/career/business is fab and you don't want make any improvements
· If you got it all sorted and you know everything:)

This is the course for you

If you can answer one or more of the above questions and you are ready to change things up, then this is the course for you. This 21-day programme will help you to make the changes on the energetic level. Changes that last, so you can start building your new creative career on top of these solid foundations. This way, you can invite desired change into your life, achieve your goals and set yourself up for success.
Whatever that may mean to you.

Next intake: to be confirmed

Are you ready to begin your transformation?
Once you have signed up to the course, you will receive an email will all the information and link to your Private Telegram Group (there may be several dedicated smaller groups, depending on numbers).