Terms & Conditions

Please read the following T&Cs that govern the use of any of the services purchased via www.monikafischbein.com, which you accept by accessing it. If you don't agree with anything mentioned in this section, please don't purchase our services. We reserve the right to update or change the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice, that is why we recommend that you read this section every time you consider signing up for a course, webinar or consultation.

Courses & Webinars

The Courses & Webinars marketed on this website are the full intellectual property of www.monikafischbein.com. Participants are provided with materials during and after these courses and webinars can only be used by the participants. Any kind of distribution or copying of these materials are strictly forbidden. Any materials provided during/after courses and webinars, remain the intellectual property right of the authors and potential guest contributors at www.monikafischbein.com.

Images on this website are either the intellectual property of Monika Fischbein herself or have been sourced from royalty free websites and used for illustration purposes only. MF does not claim authorship or ownership copyright on images used for illustration purposes on this website and any of the marketing materials. Usage of any of Monika Fischbein's images can only happen with licensing. Please contact for details. The usage of the logo, designs and favicon especially created for this website (or one of the particular projects featured on this website) are strictly forbidden.

The advice given and the recommendations made during any of the services available on this website is to be used as an adult, therefore please make your own decisions. Not everything suits every individual. Please note that Monika Fischbein is NOT a financial or medical professional, therefore if you need further services, please consult different professionals or do your own research.
Please also note that you are not paying for results, you are paying for information.

Please note, courses and webinars purchased aren't eligible for refunds. Once you have purchased a service, you will receive the links to the messenger groups and Zoom webinars (or other platforms). These are pre-scheduled once for one group with the same start date. Cancellations would affect my business greatly and they would prove to be extremely time consuming and inconvenient to set up new groups and set Zoom meetings, every time someone decided not to take part. Please be sure to read all about my offerings and please don't hesitate to email me, if you have any questions about the content, delivery etc., prior to making a purchase.

Consultations - currently unavailable

Astrology consultations include suggestions for action, however you must use your own discernment in what suits your own life - www.monikafischbein.com does not take responsibility for outcomes.

Changing your appointment is possible once, if 48 hours notice is given prior to your consultation.Please note, that there is in-depth preparation takes place before every consultation, therefore I am not able to offer refunds. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your session will be considered a no-show. No-shows for consultations can be re-booked once at a charge of £15. Please make sure that you have everything ready prior to the start of your consultations to make the full use of the 90 minutes.

Please have the Zoom app installed on your computer before the time of your reading. For the best viewing experience, it is recommended that you use an IPad/tablet, laptop or desktop computer and not a smartphone for your consultation. From experience, with a phone, it is difficult to see if something is shared on the screen. You are welcome to record your reading. If you cannot do this, I’m happy to forward you the recording within a week of your consultation.

Privacy Policy

All of my services prioritise confidentiality, support and well-being of my clients. My sessions are 100% confidential, therefore your data is safe with me. Elements of your birth chart may become part of my research, however please note, it always remains anonymous. Ethical considerations: other charts brought to the readings are perceived as fully agreed upon by the chart’s owner - the responsibility and moral obligation is therefore with the client.

I export statistics from time to time to determine reach of audience and success of our services, therefore your "results" may become part of this data. All of this data remains anonymous and provides me with scope to advance my offerings. By providing feedback about any of my services, you agree that I can use these as testimonials on this website or any of my social media channels. Only first names are used and I never reveal personal information or narratives.

Payment details are kept 100% confidential. Once you have made a purchase you will receive a confirmation email and further details about the service you have purchased. Again - Your data is not shared with anyone.